10 essential tips for successful kiosk management

1. Find out your devices

Choose a device that’s right for your use case

2. Lockdown your devices right out of the box

Go for automated enrollment and over-the air configurations

3. Consider remote maintenance and management

Remote access helps in troubleshooting

4. Keep the OS updated

Get patches to critical security holes through regular software updates

5. Always keep an eye on the devices

Monitor kiosk devices and check device reports for added security

6. Choose between the website and app-based kiosk modes

Know the difference between website and app based kiosk modes

7. Prevent end users from tampering with the core device settings

Don’t allow end users to tamper with the device settings
  • Pushing kiosk mode to low permission standard user accounts in the case of Windows devices.
  • Configuring the organization device as an Android Enterprise fully managed device in the case of Android devices.
  • Making the device supervised in the case of Apple devices (though it is obvious that kiosk mode will function only on supervised devices).

8. Check for lost mode support

Make sure your management tool supports lost mode enforcement

9. Don’t forget data security

Data security is important in kiosk management

10. Think far into the future

Consider scalability while deciding on your kiosk management strategy



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