9 reasons why mac may be better than windows in the enterprise

Though Windows is still the most widely used operating system in the business world, top enterprises such as GE and Concentrix have ushered in a change to this norm by deploying Mac devices in their workplaces. Various factors such as user satisfaction, productivity and employee retention have been cited as one of the major reasons for companies to switch from a Windows dominated work environment to a macOS based one. Mac is better than Windows PC in a number of ways, the chief among these being its usability, stability and longevity. In this blog, we will be covering in dept on some of the reasons why enterprises should follow the lead of these tech giants and start rolling out Mac devices to their employees.

1. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

2. Intuitive User Experience

The overall user experience of Mac devices can better be termed as intuitive as it works the way just as the users expect it to. Its system preferences have a much better layout, where access to commonly used settings such as networks, displays, and sounds can be easily obtained. The same can be said for other tasks such as ejecting drives or changing the audio input/output devices. When it comes to trackpads, both Apple and Windows PC uses the same trackpad technology from Synaptics. Nevertheless, Apple’s trackpad remains a more preferred choice for usability due to its driver software. Apple spends a lot of time in updating the response parameters in the software, thus users are always kept updated on the latest trackpad gestures. The spotlight feature in Mac can be a time-saver with its fast access to files and applications. By customizing the dock, users can have a clutter-free browsing experience and maintain the visual consistency of their screens.

3. Apple Manufactures its own Hardware and Software

4. OS Virtualization

5. Comes Pre-loaded with Useful Apps

6. Enhances Productivity

While setting up the office with new Mac devices, employees can transfer their files and presentations from their old Mac to the new one via Apple’s Migration Assistant. This tool can also be used to transfer migrating preferences, networks and printers. MacOS has a set of terminal commands to enable the compression of files, thus offering several benefits such as freeing up disk space, decreasing the email attachment size, and requiring less storage capacity. Bzip2 and zip, the two most popular commands can be leveraged by opening the Terminal found within the macOS’s Utilities subdirectory in the Applications folder. Mac is better than Windows as it provides several time saving and performance enhancing tips to its enterprise users to make the most out of their work day.

macOS’s whois command is a highly convenient tool for users who often work with tasks such as web registration, development, design, and hosting. Instead of navigating to different websites that can compromise the security of the system, Mac users can just open up the Terminal and type in the whois command. This command can reveal the administrative and technical information of a web domain. It permits the discovery of the domain’s registrar and registration expiration date. whois even lists out IP addresses’ internal traffic and the ISP contacts for reporting abuse. In addition to enhancing employee productivity, macOS is well known for its high editing capabilities.

7. Built-In Security

The average Mac user is less likely to get exposed to security threats as there are fewer malware programs targeting macOS. All the apps found within the App store are sandboxed, thus even if there was a malware running, it wouldn’t be able to get into the file system. However, this shouldn’t stop users from installing a sound anti-virus software. MacOS just provides its users with that extra blanket of security of being exposed to fewer attacks.

8. Upgrade to Newer Versions of the OS

9. Seamless switch work between multiple Apple devices with Handoff

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