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Kiosks stand out only when there is robust groundwork, and that really requires you to specifically attune the implementation practices and management strategies just to suit your use case. Adding to the complexity, kiosks are not merely big screens now, but a variety of forms including tablets, laptops, phablets and even smartphones are employed as kiosk devices in the present-day market. And this is exactly why you should come up with an all-inclusive strategy when it comes to kiosk management.


Kiosks are deployed for a variety of applications. But whatever their function might be, kiosks…

We live in a revolutionary age. Every day, we can look forward to something new in technology or something new in the way things work. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the IT boom, possibly changing the way we work forever. If you are still using the same mobility management strategy that was used five to ten years back, it is probably outdated by now. Mobile devices and remote work are irrevocably intertwined with each other and your only option to take control is to have a solid mobility management strategy in place.

Mobility management — What is it?

Apple security: the tech giant’s strongest selling point, probably with no real match.

Apple’s closed-end approach has traditionally helped them fortify their systems against some common attacks; a piece of work Apple does really really well than most of its competitors, no arguments. But is this concept of closed-end security still valid when hackers find cozy ways into the Apple security walls?

One thing the recent security attacks targeting Apple systems teach us is that our Apple devices are no longer in their impossible to crack stage, and unless we take the same level of precautions as we do with…

It has been traditionally difficult for enterprise IT to keep pace with the rapidly changing workplace mobility landscape. Digital transformation of enterprises has urged IT to find a unified method of managing the diverse device form factors that came into the workplace, and with these diverse assets residing outside the corporate network, the pandemic now has made it further harder.

Most of the enterprises the world over have already employed work from home, and many are planning to continue this even after the crisis ends, considering the competitive edge it can impart to the company’s overall operations. So, as long…

Managed app configuration is a great feature in Android Enterprise to help organizations address a variety of business needs with their managed Android device fleets. It is the simplest way for IT to eliminate app setup problems by pre-configuring everything required before the end user run the app on managed devices. The main drawback to Managed app configuration was that it offered little in the way of insights into how these configurations actually impact the target app or, more specifically, the end user device, but only until App feedback channel was announced at Android Enterprise Summit 2019. Being the most…

Scripting can sometimes be as much complex as in-depth programming. With the same chaos being hidden behind the several hundred lines of codes and the same buzzwords — ‘smart’, ‘quick’ and ‘bug-free’ defining the script’s worthiness, the same level of planning, the same level of mastery, and the same level of efforts are needed for scripting too. Without the right approach, even a bona fide coder can remain riddled with a seemingly simple script, and there are no golden rules to scripting. …

Leveraging Apple’s built-in tools for a solid Mac security

When it comes to choosing PCs with the most reliable security, Macs have always been the go-to choice for both enterprise and personal users alike. But have you ever considered why? Why are Macs so dominant in the field of security and management? What features do they possess that sets them apart from their Windows counterparts? In this blog, we shall cover the essential features that strengthen Mac security, and learn to leverage Apple’s built-in tools to get the best out of your Mac security software.

What are Apple’s built-in Mac security tools?

macOS devices come built-in with a strong line of security tools and software to…

In the year 2021, using mobile devices for work is nothing new. In fact, companies are encouraging their employees to use mobile devices so that they can work from the comfort of their homes even in the trying pandemic days. You may wonder, what about the device and data security if everything is mobile? How did the enterprises overcome the security concerns that arise from remote work? The unsung heroes who saved the enterprise world are the cloud-based device management solutions that allowed the IT managers to manage, secure, monitor, and configure the remotely deployed mobile devices.

On-premises device management — a thing of the past

With the pandemic and associated challenges, there is no doubt that the only way a business can stay competitive in the current market scenario is by moving to everything remote. But while shifting into such a boundless workspace, companies face multiple hurdles adjusting to new ways of working. To help with this dilemma and empower everyone, everywhere, the industry’s leading UEM solutions are chock full of innovative upgrades to their line of endpoint management offerings.

Hexnode has recently expanded its feature Matrix with a host of additional management functionalities. Hexnode, with this new set of features, goes beyond standard approaches…

The Mac admin’s guide to Rosetta 2

On November 10 2020, Apple CEO Tim Cook made his mark on history by announcing a bold new path for the company. A strong and decisive move away from conventional Intel processors for their macOS devices, to their personally curated ARM-based silicon processors, the Apple M1 chip. After 14 years of producing Macs with the intel core series processors, the M1 chip marked the beginning of a new and improved generation of Macs.

“With its unique combination of remarkable performance, powerful features, and incredible efficiency, M1 is by far the best chip we’ve ever created.” …


Hexnode MDM is an award winning Enterprise Mobility Management vendor which helps businesses to secure and manage BYOD, COPE, apps and content.

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