Cloud vs On-premises MDM: Choosing the right deployment model

On-premises MDM — Still hanging on!

Cloud-based MDM — Winner of the decade!

On-premises or Cloud — It’s up to You!

  • Cost — Cloud software is generally charged under a monthly or annual subscription plan and has relatively lower initial set up, running and maintenance costs. In the case of an on-prem server, you must deal with the setting up and installation of hardware and software which requires large capital investments. In addition to that, you are solely responsible for all the costs and risks involved in implementation, maintenance, repair, updates and other hidden expenses.
  • Complexity — Based on the flexibility and ease of use of services provided, cloud solutions will ultimately win the race. Cloud services can be quickly implemented in your enterprise providing flexible solutions through cloud operations. It’s an exponential reduction in cost and time as compared to that of an on-prem server. An on-prem server, on the other hand, requires heavy IT involvement and longer timeframes.
  • Security — In an on-premises edition, the data security completely resides within the organization. You are given the supreme authority to customize, control and secure data so that the entire system data remains in-house. This is important for many enterprises who do not wish to take their sensitive data out of their organizations. The data security in cloud deployments is transferred to a third-party cloud service vendor providing superior security and sophistication. Here the data security is under the hands of the cloud vendor.
  • Ease of deployment — Cloud services can be quickly deployed in enterprises since no onsite installation of software and hardware is required. The deployment using cloud-based model generally requires less IT involvement and technical skills. In contrast to cloud solutions, on-premises deployments require longer deployment timeframe for implementation, customization and updates.
  • Reliability — A cloud model requires an active internet connection for workers to be more productive either remotely or onsite. On-premises solutions are not reliant on internet connectivity and is extremely useful for organizations with large number of users accessing the same set of data.
  • Scalability — When a situation arises where you want to expand the storage or seats in your enterprise, cloud deployment models provide quick and hassle-free solutions as compared to their on-premises counterparts.
  • You want to cut down initial capital investments.
  • You prefer quick deployment of services.
  • You are not planning to burden yourself with the data security of your enterprise alone.
  • You want to transfer all your concerns about backup, updates, maintenance, etc., to a third-party MDM vendor.
  • You need to use these MDM services at multiple locations.
  • Flexibility and mobility of services is all what you need.
  • You prefer a consistent monthly or annual subscription plan.
  • You plan to expand your storage or seats at a later stage.
  • You do not wish to share your sensitive corporate data out of your enterprise because of stringent security regulations.
  • You are capable of performing various operations such as maintenance, repair, updates, etc., all by yourself or with your dedicated IT personnel.
  • Your enterprise is located at a single location only.
  • You don’t wish to store your data in the cloud because of your company’s strict regulations and policies.



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