Frontline worker management in times of pandemic

Frontline worker management is important in the current scenario

How to empower your frontline workers?

  • When implementing technologies for your employees, don’t leave out the frontline employees
  • Provide them with modern tools and technologies that will help them do their work easily and efficiently
  • Implement a communication system that helps teams collaborate internally and be productive
  • Introduce gamification in the frontline area of the business
  • Acknowledge the effort and achievements of the frontline workers
  • Communicate the company directives and aims to the frontline employees and let them be the part of the bigger team
  • In these pandemic times, provide them with the necessary equipment and incentives for taking care of their health. “As of March 17 to 19, 41% of US workers were afraid to go to work because of COVID-19″**

How technology impacts frontline worker management?

Role of Unified Endpoint Management system in frontline worker management

Access management over corporate resources

Compliance monitoring and threat defense

Purpose-built devices and data usage management

Network security and device restrictions

Smart provisioning of applications

Real-time assistance for troubleshooting



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