G Suite integration and Efficient team collaboration

Team collaboration is an inevitable factor for your business’s growth.

With G Suite, an all-in-one integrated solution from Google you can enable effective collaboration and communication among your employees, no matter where in the world they are. Formerly known as Google apps for work, G Suite encapsulates a set of intelligent business-grade apps — a combination of email and cloud-based productivity tools for communication and collaboration.

What G Suite comprises of

G Suite is Google’s comprehensive software offering with a set of powerful apps for every user in your organization.
The list of available features includes:

  • Gmail — Gmail is still the most popular email client. With G Suite it’s quite easy for the employees to have their own Gmail accounts with a business domain name.
  • Google Calendar — Google calendar in G Suite allows you to create multiple calendars accessible by everyone and keep your schedule well organized. It’s a good alternative for the Office365 calendar.
  • Google drive — Can store and share files in the cloud and access them from any devices. G Suite is compatible with files made in other programs, such as Microsoft Office.
  • Google docs — Can create text documentation.
  • Google sheets — Can create spreadsheets as in Excel.
  • Google hangouts chat — Enables secured team messaging. This can be considered as an alternative for Microsoft teams.
  • Google hangouts meet — Enables video conferencing. As fully integrated with G Suite, you can join a meet from an email invite or calendar event.
  • Google forms — Can quickly and efficiently gather information. Microsoft form is the Office 365 alternative.
  • Google slides — Can create and enhance presentations with videos, visuals, drawings and smooth transitions. It’s a decent alternative for Microsoft power point.
  • Google sites — Can create high-quality websites without the aid of designing and programming. Sites (SharePoint) is the Office 365 alternative.
  • Cloud search — Can search across your company’s content in G Suite.
  • Google vault — Can archive data from products like Gmail, Google drive, Google hangouts meet, etc.
  • Google Admin console — Admin console is where you can manage all the essential features associated with your organization’s G Suite services. Admin can create user accounts and grant permissions to access G Suite services like Gmail, calendar, docs, sheets, hangouts chat and meet, etc.

G Suite integration with MDM

Google allows you to manage some basic functionalities from the admin console. However, with MDM you can have a set of additional features and configurations for your devices. Hexnode MDM allows you to enroll devices under different OS platforms with your G Suite account. With G Suite integration, admins can manage app distribution and security by deciding which all apps their users can access. Apps distributed to the users are permanently associated with their accounts which are manually created by the administrators. Admin can deny the use of unnecessary or unsecured apps and ensure data security.

How G Suite integration helps your business

G Suite is a tool solely built for collaboration. With G Suite integration you can have a set of intelligent apps and services that can be managed and distributed effortlessly from your console. The incomparable benefits of G Suite include:

  • Efficient team collaboration and streamlined communication — G Suite allow team members to work together. Employees working on the same document can communicate using the built-in chat feature. Video conferencing/screen sharing and group chat features of Google Hangouts could also help in team communication. In this way, team members can collaborate to complete projects in a fast and accurate manner.
  • Data security — The cloud storage platform Google drive can allow you to store, share and access your data safely and securely from any of your devices. Documents need not be downloaded to devices which reduces the chance for the data to be lost, stolen or breached. Moreover, you can control what your employees can access from G Suite on their devices.
  • Storage and availability — With the Basic plan of G Suite, you get 30 Gb of storage space for an account. However, the Business plan has unlimited storage capacity. In addition, you can have 24/7 access to your documents from anywhere in the world.
  • Easier integration — Can easily integrate with other Google products. Can even synchronize with Microsoft Outlook and other email providers.
  • Better organization — Google calendar integrates with Gmail to allow you to schedule events, meeting times and deadlines right in the inbox. You can organize your important dates and set reminders for the scheduled events.

These capabilities join to create opportunities for smarter interactions among teams. Businesses seeking to drive more efficiency and increased productivity can go for MDM G Suite integration without thinking too much.




Hexnode MDM is an award winning Enterprise Mobility Management vendor which helps businesses to secure and manage BYOD, COPE, apps and content.

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Hexnode MDM is an award winning Enterprise Mobility Management vendor which helps businesses to secure and manage BYOD, COPE, apps and content.

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