HexCon20 inviting sponsors: Here is your chance to meet, greet and explore the Hexnode User Community

Advantages of becoming a HexCon20 sponsor

  • Free pass into HexCon20 even if not associated with Hexnode
  • Two days of networking opportunities with Hexnode’s user base
  • Access to CIOs, CEOs and CTOs of various organizations
  • Opportunity to meet with industry experts and gain valuable insights
  • Share industry trends, news and ideas
  • Sponsor speaking sessions during the event
  • Company’s name and logo and a small brief in HexCon20 webpage
  • Company’s logo in HexCon20 promotional videos
  • Social media mentions from Hexnode on your sponsorship
  • Chance to interact with the C-level staff at Hexnode and share insights
  • Interview with the sponsors — published in Hexnode’s YouTube channel



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