Hexnode vs Knox Manage: Strategic considerations for making the right choice

Things to consider before choosing your UEM solution

  • The solution should be scalable and need to work seamlessly across multi-OS and multi-vendor devices supporting a globally distributed workforce.
  • The solution should augment the organization’s security posture.
  • The solution should manage the entire device life cycle.
  • The solution should automate all possible time-consuming tasks from onboarding to decommissioning devices.
  • The solution should be able to set up policies for all management scenarios related to different job functions.
  • The solution should be cost-effective and should drive an impressive ROI.

Hexnode UEM

Knox Manage

Hexnode vs Knox Manage: Top reasons why Hexnode wins

Shoulder-to-shoulder comparison: Hexnode vs Knox Manage

Meets requirement

Ease of use and setup

Quality of support

Product direction

Plan pricing

What our customers had to say about Hexnode

Hexnode’s prime focus is customer satisfaction

The verdict



Hexnode MDM is an award winning Enterprise Mobility Management vendor which helps businesses to secure and manage BYOD, COPE, apps and content.

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