How to spot managed configuration issues using the app feedback channel?

How exactly do Managed app configurations work?

What is managed app configuration?

Where does managed app configuration typically come into use?

Managed Android devices at the workplace

The workflow:

  • When app developers create a new app, they decide to add built-in support for managed app configuration.
  • The app developer uses an XML file to define the configuration parameters which could be set for the app using managed app configuration.
  • The app will be published in the Managed Google Play by the app developer.
  • The enterprise IT uses a UEM solution supporting the feature to find and add Managed Google Play apps to their inventory.
  • IT team set available managed configurations for the Managed Google Play apps. Each app has unique configuration settings as defined by the app developer.
  • The set configurations would be pushed to Managed Google Play, and the Managed Google Play updates the app with the new configurations.
  • If the end user device already has the configured app, the new configuration will be updated the next time the device checks in. For a newly deployed app, all the settings come pre-configured when the user starts running the device.

Why app feedback channel makes sense with managed app configurations?

What is an app feedback channel?

What are the benefits of getting application feedbacks?

Perks of getting feedbacks from Managed Google Apps on Android Enterprise devices

How exactly does the app feedback channel works?

  • IT admins set managed configurations for a supported app through their UEM console.
  • The managed configurations are pulled to the app running on an Android Enterprise enrolled fully managed device or work profile device.
  • When the app attempts to apply the managed configurations you’ve pushed, it sends back a keyed app state for every configuration.
  • The keyed app state send to the UEM console can be used by the UEM to check the status of execution.
  • The UEM then showcases the execution status on their UEM console for the point of execution at which the IT admin requests the app feedback for the managed app.



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