Mac notarization: Everything Mac admins need to know

What is Mac notarization?

Notarization procedures

  • Upload the app for notarization.
  • The status will change to processing.
  • Check the status log details. If the upload fails, review the error messages and code signing problems that should be fixed to get the app notarized.
  • Check the notarization status. It can be processing, upload failed, ready to distribute, or rejected.
  • Click export to get the notarized app for distribution.
  • Reduce the total number of files to the minimum.
  • Save the file to places that don’t require code signatures.
  • Avoid uploading corrupted and largely compressed disk images.
  • Don’t use large and non-executable data files.
  • Have only 75 notarizations per day.

How does notarization add to Mac security?

The true benefits of Mac notarization

  • Gatekeeper identifies the developer of an app stapled with the notarization ticket as a trusted developer.
  • Gatekeeper provides a slightly different warning for notarized apps, which shows that an app attempting to run has passed Apple verification.
  • Mac users get more confidence that no malicious content is present on the app and so their system is protected.
  • Most developer ID signed and notarized software can take advantage of additional features like Apple Push Notifications and Cloudkit.
  • Notarization allows Apple to identify significant security flaws on third party software and enables them to take necessary actions.
  • Developers get a way to show the users that they are reliable, and their apps are trustworthy with the unique stamp of approval from Apple.
  • Notarization is a kind of two-factor authentication, and the developer gets an email after every notarization. This protects the developer’s ID certificate from misuse by unauthorized persons.

Difficulties with notarization

Mac notarization and MDM



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