What does Apple IDs have to do with iOS device management?

So, what does my Apple ID have to do with everything besides sync my phone with iCloud?

Managed Apple IDs? How is that different from normal Apple IDs?

I have supervised and enrolled my iOS device into MDM, what can I manage?

  • Single app mode — A mode to set a single app running in the foreground.
  • Global HTTP Proxy — Configurations can be specified.
  • iBookstore, iMessage — Services can be blocked.
  • Game Center — The social gaming service can be blocked.
  • Airdrop, Airplay — These wireless services can be blocked.
  • Host Pairing — Disallow pairing of iOS devices to a host computer.
  • Activation Lock — Bypass the activation lock during reset.
  • Autonomous single app mode — Allows apps to put themselves into a single application mode.
  • Web content filtering — Blocks websites with adult contents or specified restrictions.
  • Set background and lock screen — Images for lock screen and background can be set.
  • Silent app push — Apps can be installed without user intervention.
  • Cellular data usage modification — Controls cellular data usage for certain apps.
  • Access to user generated content — Allows Siri to access user generated content from the web.
  • Find my friends modification — Prevents changes made in the Find My Friend service from taking effect.
  • Always-On VPN — Forces connection over a specified VPN.
  • Prevent Cloud Sync — Managed applications are prevented from using cloud sync.
  • Prevent Spotlight Internet results — Completely block the spotlight search option.
  • Prevent Handoff — Disable the transfer of work between devices via Handoff.
  • Prevent Erase — Prevent device from being wiped.
  • Prevent Restrictions UI — Prevents the users from enabling restriction on the device.
  • Prevent installation of Configuration Profiles by UI — Prevents the installation of Configuration Profiles.
  • Predictive Keyboard — Disables predictive keyboard suggestions.
  • Definition lookup — Blocks the lookup feature on the iOS device.
  • Enhanced Blacklisting — More restrictions on app blacklisting.
  • Prevent News — Block user’s access to the news app.
  • Allow managed app installation exclusively — Allows the installation of managed applications.
  • Prevent keyboard shortcuts — Blocks the keyboard shortcut suggestions.
  • Prevent passcode modification -Blocks the adding, removing, changing of device password by the user.
  • Prevent device name changes — Prevents users from changing the device name.
  • Prevent wallpaper changes — Disables the change wallpaper option.
  • Prevent automatic app downloads — Blocks the automatic downloading of apps.
  • Prevent changes to enterprise app trust — Blocks the user’s ability to change the trust settings of enterprise apps.
  • Prevent Apple Music — Blocks the Apple Music application from the device.
  • Prevent Mail Drop — Disables the sending of files via Mail Drop.
  • Treat AirDrop as managed destination — Used for sharing data from managed apps.
  • Prevent pairing with a watch — Unpairs paired watches and prevents any further pairing.
  • Radio services permission — Enable / disable radio services on default iOS music application.
  • Notification settings modification — Disables changes to the notification settings.
  • Diagnostic submission settings modification — Restricts users from sending diagnostic data.
  • Bluetooth settings modification — Disables the modification in Bluetooth settings.
  • App installation permission — Blocks the Appstore and hides the icon, disables the installation and updating of applications.
  • Dictation input — Disables voice input.
  • System App Removal — Prevent the removal of system applications.
  • Disallow creation of VPN configurations — Disables the usage of user created VPNs.
  • Secure printing with AirPrint — Allow only trusted certificates for Airprint.
  • Force Automatic Date and Time — Prevents users from changing the device date and time.
  • Autofill Passwords — Blocks autofill option and auto suggest strong password option on Safari.
  • Password Proximity Requests — Restricts device from requesting passwords from devices in proximity.
  • Password Sharing — Restrict the sharing of passwords shared to nearby devices when connecting to a network for the first time.
  • Contact Management — Managed and unmanaged apps lose the ability to manage each other’s contacts.



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