What is a Kiosk Browser?

Fine tuning a secure browsing experience on single purpose devices

Why secure browsing?

  • Reduced workplace productivity — Web browsers bring with them an inevitable string of distracting clickbait. While surfing through non-work content like personal emails, social media accounts, etc., workers can easily lose track of time and will settle on lower productivity during work hours.
  • Data leakage — Web browsers act as a gateway for security breaches because:
  1. Users tend to click on any link without considering security risks.
Importance of a secure browser
  • Allow devices on a workstation to be used by multiple users with ensured security.
  • Locks down the user interface so that the end users can’t tweak the system settings.
  • Reduces insider threats and optimizes productivity.
  • Protect confidential data from the prying eyes of cybercriminals and safeguard devices from malignant use, hacking, phishing scams, trojans, viruses, intrusive tracking practices, and unauthorized downloads.
  • Helps to block any websites you don’t have your employees to get access to and streamline access to mission-critical web apps.
  • Helps to configure single purpose interactive points and prevents misuse of work purpose devices.

Some traditional browser security features and lockdown mechanisms

  • VPN — There are VPN browser add-ons to mask your identity.
  • Incognito mode — Helps to browse in a private mode without cookies, signed-in accounts, and browsing history.
Browser lockdown mechanisms from popular vendors

The Hexnode kiosk browser

Hexnode kiosk browser
  • No-touch provisioning to enroll the iOS, Android, Windows, or Apple TV kiosk devices in just a couple of minutes and easily turn any website to a kiosk with a few simple steps.
  • Gain total visibility into the device’s working conditions and keep track of the browser health and compliant status from the Hexnode portal.
  • Remotely deploy all configurations and track and protect devices remotely using the location tracking feature.
  • Create and apply geofences and dynamically change device policies while the endpoints enter or leave a geofence.
  • Audits and reports to check for devices deviated from the stipulated standards.
  • Remote lock and wipe features to protect lost or misplaced devices from credential thefts and data leakage.
  • Android peripheral lockdown to disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other settings on Android kiosk devices.

Hexnode kiosk browser for Android

Hexnode kiosk browser for Android
  • Single/multi tabbed browsing.
  • Option to render web apps to appear in full screen.
  • Option to hide navigation buttons to prevent users from changing system settings.
  • Option to disable cookies and cache for privacy.
  • Ability to configure toolbar options in single tab mode.
  • Option to choose the orientation of the browser screen.
  • Option to schedule a web page refresh.
  • Option to clear browsing history and downloaded files.
  • Option to disable text selection.
  • Option to customize the browser title and theme color for single tab mode.
  • Option to clear form data.

Website kiosk lockdown for iOS

Website kiosk lockdown for iOS



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