What is Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

What is MDM?

How does an MDM function?

  1. Enroll
  2. Manage
  3. Monitor
  4. Secure



  • The IT Admin deploying configurations, such as WiFi accessibility to enrolled devices.
  • Making available essential apps and content on the enrolled devices.
  • Setting up security restrictions, disabling distracting functionalities and configuring data loss prevention policies.
  • Setting up Geofencing and Telecom Expense Management policies.
  • Deploying relevant and essential apps and content to enrolled devices.



What are the benefits of running an MDM solution?


Ease of App Management

Remote Access

Increase in Productivity

Industry Use Cases

Education Industry

  • Time-based policy: This particular policy allows the IT admin to associate or disassociate policies based on time. Through this feature, certain apps or websites may be blocked on student devices during school hours.
  • Fencing based policy: This is another restriction-based policy where the compliance of the devices involved is determined using a Geofence. A Geofence is a virtual fence created around a geographical region, in this instance, the school compound.
  • BYOD: Workplace containerization is invoked on BYOD devices to ensure work and personal data separation.
  • School Issued: Similar to devices issued to the students by the school, fully managed policies are adhered to while deploying these devices to the staff members.

Healthcare Industry

  • Hospital Owned device: The IT department can essentially set up a patient engagement portal. This can help the organization to collect data from the patients in a less tedious manner. Also, accessing patient health information or PHI through an unsecured device is a direct violation of HIPAA. So, policies can be enforced on the devices in such a manner that, the devices remain compliant to HIPAA.
  • BYOD: Staff members are allowed to use their personal devices for office purposes. This can be done by separating work data and personal data using containerization or invoking work profiles through time and fencing policies. Practicing BYOD in such a manner is a welcome delight for the staff.
  • Hospital Owned Devices: These devices come pre-configured with restrictions and policies mandated by the administration themselves.

Logistics Industry

Retail Industry


MDM and Beyond





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