What is Web Content Filtering?

How can Organizations benefit from it?

  • Increased productivity of employees: you can get to see a steady increase in the productivity level of your employees as they won’t be wasting time in accessing restricted websites on the internet.
  • Less Accountability: since web filtering restricts employees from downloading illegal or offensive content, organizations can stay safe from all threats that can arise from an external data breach. It would also protect your clients from regulatory violations.
  • Improved workplace security: it can block users from accessing web content that are deemed risky by the business. It would also minimize phishing attacks to a great degree by preventing users from clicking on unwanted links or stop them from accidentally downloading a virus into the system. Organizations will have better web security as their networks will face lesser threats from malware and ransomware.
  • Efficient management of network usage: you can save users from slowing down the business network by restricting them from streaming videos that are not related to work. By monitoring the systems properly IT admins can get a clear idea on how the network is being used within the organization.

Set up Web Content Filtering with Hexnode MDM

  • After the enrolling the devices you can blacklist or whitelist the required website via a policy and push it onto the devices. You can find this option by clicking on the policies tab and go to iOS -> Security to select the Web Content Filtering option listed below.
  • Users can select ‘Restrict inappropriate content’ provided by Apple to automatically limit the inappropriate contents. After the automatic filtering has been enabled, an option will be provided for users to add the URLs that they wish to be removed from auto filtering. When a URL is blacklisted in web filtering, access to it will only be blocked in the browser, you will still be able to use its corresponding app.
  • Users of supervised iOS devices can whitelist only a single URL at a time and this can be done just in Safari. Apart from whitelisting, users can also create bookmarks in the browser and name them. Hexnode’s whitelisting filter comes with the convenience to set locations for the bookmarks. You can either name the location to list the bookmarks or leave them empty.
  • You can push a new policy or edit an existing one in the enrolled devices by going to the policy tab in the portal. Select Android -> Security -> Web Content Filtering to blacklist/whitelist the required URLs.
  • You can blacklist a single URL or a set of URLs by selecting the blacklisting filter type.
  • Multiple websites can be whitelisted on Android devices. Unlike iOS devices, where the websites can be whitelisted only in Safari, here a URL can be whitelisted on all browsers. If the user wishes to apply two separate policies on to the device, one to whitelist a URL and the other to blacklist the same URL, the access to the URL will still remain blocked.
  • After enrolling the device, click on New Policy and go to macOS -> Security -> Web Content Filtering to blacklist/ whitelist the URLs. In macOS devices, the option to ‘Blacklist by Content’ will be enabled by default, this option will automatically restrict the display of explicit contents. However, admins are allowed to whitelist these websites and make them accessible to users.
  • This feature of whitelisting an exceptional URL comes in handy in situations when access needs to be provided on websites that are blocked based on content type.

Setting up a Website Kiosk

Set up website kiosk with Hexnode MDM
  • Auto refresh
  • Privacy and Security
  • Clearing the browsing history
  • Disabling the hardware and software keys
  • Redirect from a blocked URL
  • Restrict access to device functionalities

Application across various Industries




Use of web content filtering in enterprises


Pros and Cons

  • It helps to boost the productivity of employees and students
  • It protects computers from getting hacked and prevents the systems from being infected with malware downloads
  • Protects students and small children from being exposed to disturbing web content
  • Saves businesses from liability suits by keeping the corporate data and client sensitive information intact
  • Provides a safe browsing experience for people who use in-store Wi-Fi to search for products
  • It helps to preserve the personal and financial information of patients from hackers
  • Reduces identity thefts
  • Some admins may block sites for containing one inappropriate keyword; however, this can be avoided by using the right SEO practices
  • Over blocking of websites by some countries can be seen as a violation of freedom of speech and basic human rights

Importance of Web Security

Web security ensures a safer browsing experience



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