What’s new in Hexnode UEM

What’s new in Hexnode for multi-platform endpoint management

What’s new for iOS device management?

Hexnode for iOS device management

Multiple VPN On Demand rules

Other major enhancement

What’s new for Android device management?

Hexnode for Android device management

OEM feedback channel for better app insights

  • The enterprise IT admin approve and add Managed Google apps to the UEM console
  • The admin sets managed app configurations
  • The configurations will be sent to the app and get applied in the backend. While applying the configurations, the app will send the status of the configuration to UEM in the form of a keyed app state.
  • The UEM retrieves the feedback data from these keyed app states and displays the managed configuration’s status in the UEM console.
  • The IT admins can check the feedback from the management portal and take necessary actions.
  • The device should be enrolled as an Android Enterprise device owner or profile owner.
  • The app should be a Managed Google app custom designed to send application feedbacks.

Android Zero Touch Enrollment enhancements

  • All Android 9.0+ devices
  • Samsung devices running Android 9.0 OS or higher

Samsung’s endorsement via Knox Validated Program

Clear app data on Samsung Knox devices

Usability enhancements

Other major enhancements

What’s new for Windows management?

Hexnode for Windows management

VPN for enhanced security and access control

  • Multiple Device-wide VPN traffic rules
  • Option to remember end user login credentials
  • Always On VPN
  • Bypass for local intranet traffic
  • Trusted network addresses

Real time access to PCs from anywhere in the world

What’s new for Mac management?

Hexnode for enterprise Mac management

Change privacy preferences remotely

Escrow FileVault recovery keys to Hexnode

Other major enhancements

What’s new for Apple TV management?

Hexnode for Apple TV management

Easy rollout of apps with Apple VPP

  • Silent app installation and update
  • Bulk app purchase and distribution
  • Ability to revoke, reassign and redistribute the apps as and when needed
  • Easy deployment without the need to enter Apple ID

Remote actions for real time device management

2FA to secure your Hexnode dashboard

Enforce Two factor authentication to secure your Hexnode portal Sign up for free trial
  1. How can I check if I am using the latest version of the Hexnode app?

Now, what’s behind these updates



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