Wi-Fi Security: Tips to secure data across public Wi-Fi networks

Wi-Fi Security Protocols throughout the ages

Dangers of Public Wi-Fi

  • KRACK (Key Reinstallation Attack) — WPA2 was thought to be a foolproof security protocol until Key Reinstallation Attack was found to break into its encryption. KRACK attacks the 4-way handshake to retrieve sensitive information such as passwords and cookies.
  • MitM (Man in the Middle Attack) — Here an attacker intercepts the messages between two communicating parties with both parties having no knowledge about it. The attacker plants himself between the victim and the server and manipulates or intercepts the data transferred between them.
  • Evil Twin — You could be sipping coffee and attempting to connect to your local coffee house Wi-Fi while oblivious to you a hacker could have set up a Wi-Fi with a similar SSID attempting to eavesdrop on your wireless communication.
  • Dragonblood — These techniques, just like their names are getting out of hand. WPA3, the latest Wi-Fi security protocol was found vulnerable to attacks. The vulnerabilities were found in the dragonfly handshake that is unique to WPA3. The attacker can use these vulnerabilities to retrieve credit card info, chat messages and emails.

Tips to stay safe while using a public Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Security in Android 10 and iOS 13

Hexnode’s Protection

  • Hexnode VPN for Android and iOS devices
  • VPN configuration for macOS, Android and iOS devices
  • firewall configuration in macOS
  • scheduled OS updates in macOS, supervised iOS devices and devices enrolled in the Android Enterprise program



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